Merrick More Than Makes Up For Unacceptable Cat Food Can

Monica received a bad can of cat food from her usual company, Merrick Pet Food. But what began with a foul stench ended with her not just staying with the company, but sharing her story with Consumerist.

Just wanted to let you know of a good experience I had with Merrick Pet Food. I include this brand of cat food in the variety that I buy my cats. They have good products overall, good ingredients, quality, etc. Well a few weeks ago I had the horrible experience of opening a rancid can. Definitely one of the worst smells I’ve ever encountered, and it sprayed on my hands when I opened it which left a great lingering stench. So I contacted the company and provided lot information of the can. They replied with the usual apologies and asked for my address so they could send a coupon. I was honestly expecting a coupon to get a free can of cat food. Well, today I received a package from them with a bag of dry food and a coupon for a case of 24 cans of cat food, so about $45 worth of products. This was definitely above and beyond what I expected, they won me back. Good company and they’ll keep getting my business.

Generous and delicious!

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