Fantasy Football Turns Into Firing Nightmare

Cameron loved his job at Fidelity, but he also had a hankering for fantasy football, and the latter canceled out the former when he was canned for managing the league in the office, FanNation reports.

Cameron insists he was wrongfully terminated because several others in the office, including managers, got off with warnings. FanNation writes that Cameron is now stuck with a gambling stigma that will hurt his job prospects:

Despite his appeals to Fidelity, Pettigrew was labeled with a stain on the Termination Explanation of his U5 form (Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Regulation) … VIOLATION OF COMPANY GAMBLING POLICY INVOLVING FANTASY FOOTBALL.

“They see the word gambling and it’s as though I am toxic,” said (Cameron), who made note of the tough economy. “I have been blackballed in my industry.”

Fantasy football freaks out there, do you tinker with your rosters on the job? How do you hide it from your bosses?

Fired Over Fantasy Football: The Unfortunate Case of Cameron Pettigrew

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