It's Hard To Do Your Christmas Shopping Online When The Items Arrive In Their Retail Boxes

Newegg wants everyone who lives near our reader Deaf Mute to know that he just bought a Sony Blu-ray player. It arrived from their warehouse last week in its bright blue retail packaging, with a shipping label slapped on it. “If I lived in a worse neighborhood and/or my father didn’t see it,” he writes, “Someone could have stolen it. Not only that, but the gift recipient may have had their gift spoiled.”

That’s exactly what happened to two different purchases another reader, Angela, made recently. The last two purchases she made from had their contents clearly marked on the outside of the packages, so that her daughter saw what was in them before Angela got home.

If the retailer you’re buying from offers free gift wrap or a gift card message, you might want to go ahead and take advantage of it just in case.

Has this happened to you? What other retailers have shown a wanton disregard for discretion and privacy when shipping things to you? Add them below!

“Amazon Ruins Christmas Even When You Ask It Not To”

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