eBay Overflowing With Holiday Beggars

As if there weren’t enough ways to spend money on nothing on eBay, the holiday season has brought a wave of dubious make-my-Christmas donation solicitations, MSNBC reports.

Most of the posts, which could just as well be money-making scams as honest please for help, play on your emotions by suggesting kids won’t get presents unless you open up your PayPal account to the needy.

These sorts of posts violate eBay’s terms of service, Bob Sullivan writes:

“EBay does not allow listings that have no item or service for sale,” the company said in a statement to msnbc.com. “Additionally, while we do allow listings that will benefit a charity, sellers must be soliciting on behalf of recognized, tax-deductible charitable organization.”

The firm also recommends that eBay users donate to recognized charities rather than individual eBay listers.

What would it take for you to donate to a virtual panhandler?

Sign of the times: eBay holiday ‘panhandling’ [MSNBC]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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