Amazon Ruins Christmas Even When You Ask It Not To

Reader Shane has an Amazon Wish List that he tells people to look at because he’s apparently impossible to shop for. Amazon lets you choose whether or not you’d like to be informed if something has been purchased from your list, then apparently tells you even if you asked it not to.

Shane says:

I have an Amazon Wishlist because people say I am notoriously difficult to shop for. I tell everyone that asks just to go to my Wishlist. Amazon has a setting that lets you select whether you want to spoil the surprise or not by informing you if something has been purchased – I have it set to NOT spoil the surprise, because that would be no fun.

However, twice now, while updating my Wishlist – when I go in to add a comment or priority to a particular item on my Wishlist, I get this message:

“Alert! We’re not revealing your Quantity Received because some items may have been purchased for you as a gift.”

Really Amazon? I apparently now know what 2 of my Christmas presents are, and not only does that make me mad, it makes me feel guilty for those persons who purchased a gift for me, thinking it would be a surprise, only to have Amazon tell me it was purchased.

Has Amazon ruined your Christmas this year?

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