Planet Hollywood Responds To Negative Facebook Comment With Free Wine And Chocolates

Frustrated with a room mix-up and subsequent bad customer service at Planet Hollywood’s hotel/casino in Las Vegas, Brad expressed his frustration in a note on their Facebook fan page.

I signed up as a [Facebook] fan of Planet Hollywood in Vegas, hoping I’d see some promotions and stuff. Last week I posted on their wall that we would be checking in on Sunday and were looking forward to it since I hadn’t stayed there since it was the Aladdin.

We checked in Sunday and dropped our stuff then headed out, when we returned (around 11:00) I called down to housekeeping as I couldn’t find an ashtray, they checked and told me there were no ashtrays since it was a non smoking room, she transferred me to the font desk, who checked and found me a different smoking room.

I was a little angry since there was no apology for the mix up or any offer to move our bags for us, they just told me to come to the check in desk to get my new room key (where I had to wait in line). So I thought that the whole thing was handled badly and the next day commented on the wall post I had put on Planet Hollywood’s wall “Here now, bad customer service wow”

Planet Hollywood responded by dropping off a cart filled with fruits, chocolates, cheeses, crackers and a bottle of wine with a note saying “hope this makes up for the problems, your PH facebook friends.”

Thought it was a great gesture, and a shock to find a company that reads and responds to their Facebook page.

See, now that’s a company taking social media seriously.


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  1. duskglow says:

    OK. Good on them for the gesture, I’m sure it was appreciated. But I’m not sure what the problem was here. They messed up and they fixed it. An apology would have been nice, obviously, but I would have been happy with just getting what I expected in the first place.

    For me, a bad customer service experience would have been “oh, sorry, we have no more smoking rooms available, too bad.”

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      i’ve worked in a hotel for a few years. the appropriate action for a room move at the place i worked was to send a bellman with a cart and the new room key to assist in the move.

      • GadgetsAlwaysFit says:

        I agree. I have been placed in a room with problems before the hotels offered to move my items for me. Only 1 hotel made me ride up and down the elevator 3 times before getting the rooms right. First room key didn’t work. I called on the house phone and they made me come back down, luggage in tow. They changed my room so back up the elevator I go. The key works but the room was occupied. The people weren’t in but there sat all of their personal items, including a digital camera! I call on the house phone and again, they make me come back down. Third time, and another room. That was the last time I ever stayed at that hotel chain – period. If the hotel makes the mistake, they should help as much as possible with the aggravation of transferring rooms. I hate repacking and everything after the long trip to get there.

        • duskglow says:

          I absolutely think that if a hotel assigns you the same room that someone else is already in, there is a serious problem in process and at that point they should be groveling to both you and the OTHER PEOPLE whose room they just gave you a key to.

          And yes, they should help out. But I still wouldn’t have thought much of it. Frankly, I can use the exercise, and if they wanted to help out, fine, but I’d be like “just give me the new key and leave me alone unless I ask for you.”

    • t0ph says:

      Can we all stop saying “Good on you” “Good on him” etc? It really freaking bugs me.

      I agree, not a huge deal but a nice gesture.

    • msingerman says:

      Welcome to America, Land of the Mollycoddled.

  2. humphrmi says:

    Just my opinion, but I think it helps that you were in Vegas. All Vegas-based hotels are now focused on getting people to come back.

  3. Andrew360 says:

    I think if companies are going to use sites like Facebook and Twitter they should respond to customers concerns and comments. Most of them don’t.

    Great job, Planet Hollywood.

  4. dragonfire81 says:

    Are facebook and twitter the new EECB?

    • duskglow says:

      No, just a very convenient way of embarassing them.

      Which, don’t get me wrong, is sometimes warranted and much more effective than any EECB could be.

  5. crazydavythe1st says:

    It really is great to see them taking Facebook seriously. It seems that FB is such an afterthought to so many companies – their half assed attempt to reach out to the under 30 crowd – and if anything, they might assign one person to periodically make updates or something.

    most companies fail to see how dynamic it really is. When you screw me over, and I post it on FB, you could have thousands instantly knowing what you did. When you fix the problem, thousands can potentially know that you took care of things. When you screw me over in real life, I might tell 10 people that you screwed me over, but I might not necessarily tell 10 people that you fixed the problem.

  6. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    I think the response was appropriate, a little over the top but that was their decision. Great job paying attention to comments, PH.

  7. Benny Gesserit says:

    Lucky he phoned and asked about the ashtray as opposed to using a Coke can as one.

    The several-hundred-dollar “cleaning up after a smoker tainted the room” charge after you got home would have needed a LOT more than a basket of goodies to make him feel better.

  8. joshuadavis says:

    Getting a wrong room no big deal, especially considering the OP got the new room with little hassle. Why should he be able to cut in front of the other paying customers?

    However getting bloody bed sheets, and having to go down to customer service after waiting an hour, and then yelling to get clean sheets is a problem. I can tell you the Marriott Shady Side is one hotel I will not go back to.

    • Flourless Algernon says:

      Repeat customer business or black market organ harvesting as your means of turning a profit. I guess we know which one the Marriott chose.

    • Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

      oh, good GOD. The horror… that image will now haunt me.

  9. formatc says:

    I stayed at PH earlier this year and have nothing but good things to say about them, so I’m glad they had the opportunity to respond with a meaningful gesture of apology to the OP. I can’t help but wonder if they’d get the same response going through the standard channels of complaints, though, especially if they waited until they were checking out or had already left. I’m sure it is easier easier for the hotel to write off a free cart of goodies than any sort of retroactive discount. Something to bear in mind, I guess, to complain as soon as you see a problem rather than waiting.

  10. chuckreis says:

    The social media woman at PH (formerly she was at Luxor) does a great job of communicating. the new person at Luxor is just as great. When I was in town earlier this year they had free giveaways (I got a copy of Dexter Season 3) from the Luxor folks. Chances are I would not have been at Luxor if not for that promotion, ended up gambling a bit and eating lunch there. I am not surprised at all that they went the extra mile because of the complaint.

  11. coren says:

    Good on them, although two (maybe minor) quibbles.

    One, it’s slightly weird to just look him up at the hotel based on a FB comment and send him stuff. But then again FB is kind of weird for privacy issues anyway.

    Two, they don’t even know what happened. I mean, they can probably see he switched rooms, but beyond that…I don’t know, I guess my thinking is that they shouldn’t just immediately give you stuff because then people w/o legit claims will do the same?

    Like I said, probably minor, and it doesn’t take away from the fact that they did good here.

    • duskglow says:

      I’m pretty sure they probably called the hotel and said “ok, unhappy customer here, what are you going to do about it?” And when you get a call like that from corporate, you’d better jump.

      Probably just took the name from facebook and looked them up in the hotel records.

  12. bitsnbytes says:

    PH was smart to be generous with the goodies. Considering how self-centered and irascible drug users are, it figures that they’re prone to complain noisily about small slights.

    • Raekwon says:

      Enough with the stupid anti-smoking comments. He is free to smoke in the privacy of his own room if he so chooses and facilities are made available. Maybe he’s trying to quit? You don’t know him and you can’t judge him. I don’t smoke and I hate being around smoke but that doesn’t make me any better than anyone else.

  13. H3ion says:

    Sorry but I think the OP was off base here. First, I’m surprised that any hotel still has smoking rooms but Las Vegas I guess is the answer to that question. Second, he complained. The hotel immediately responded and changed his room. Problem solved. The booty was unnecessary and uncalled for.

    • blueduckconsumerist says:

      Agreed — The mistake didn’t warrant a “wow” level bad customer service. They acknowledged the mistake and corrected it immediately. There’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t have sent a porter to move the luggage if asked. Just because they didn’t offer doesn’t make them “bad customer service wow”

      There’s a fine line between customer service and customer entitlement.

  14. Brazell says:

    I stayed at PlanetHollywood once… and I’d definitely stay there again. It was a great place, although the checkin desk took a while, but I might go back to Vegas this summer, while I’m looking at the Bellagio this time around, I’ll consider PHW again.

    Food was great, casino was pretty decent, hotel was nice, very convenient location, and the price was spot on. Paid like $500 for 4 nights + airfare round trip from Boston, which was a freaking deal and a half.

  15. hills says:

    I stayed at PH in Vegas last year – nice casino… Probably won’t stay there again though – room was really dark, and the line to check in was really long.