Whew: Coke Products Return To Costco On Monday

The nightmare is over for Americans who use warehouse club Costco to fuel their copious Coke habits. The retailer and Coca-Cola have settled their price differences, and Coca-Cola beverages will return to Costco stores on Monday.

“We can confirm that Coca-Cola products will continue to be listed at Costco,” Coca-Cola spokesman Scott Williamson said. “Our program aligns Coca-Cola’s brand and package offerings with the needs of Costco’s members in a way that is fair and equitable for both Costco and Coca-Cola.”

Costco serves both consumers and smaller retailers, who use the store for buying in bulk. The holidays are important for Coca-Cola because it’s a staple at many events, parties and family gatherings.

That’s good. Warehouse club shoppers were beginning to suffer dangerously low blood high fructose corn syrup levels.

Coke returns to Costco next week [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Costco Bans Coca-Cola

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