Check Your Math When Accepting Substitutions

Brooke says she stopped Pizza Hut from short-changing her on soda on a late night pizza run. Her plight demonstrates that it’s handy to keep your algebra skills sharp.

She writes:

I went to pick up my pizza order from Pizza Hut. Aside from the fact that yes, we’re getting cheap pizza that most people despise, we had ordered online using an online deal for 2 pizzas, breadsticks, and a 2-Liter Pepsi. When I got there to pick it up, the employee, who was likely a high school student, said they were out of 2-Liters and instead offered three 20 OZ bottles as a replacement.

Thinking this may not be right, I checked the bottle to confirm that it was indeed 591ML per bottle, with three bottles obviously being less than 2000 ML (2L). I told her that I would need another bottle since I paid for a 2L and instead I got the baffling response “How do you know?!?” Unfortunately, I was reduced to pulling up the conversion on my cell phone and showing it to her before getting my extra bottle. Reluctantly, I received it.

Pretty funny (and sad).

Another example of Brooke’s astuteness is the way she picked up the pizza rather than having it delivered — cleverly avoiding the delivery fee and accompanying tip.

Have your math skills ever saved you from falling for a bad deal?