Get ready for more user-friendly bank sites—and more upsell “Online banking is going Amazon. Expect pop-ups, smart windows, slideshows, how-to videos, all the bells and whistles. Sarcasm aside, you have to wonder if the retail model is right for banking.” [Consumer Reports Money]


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  1. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    This makes me glad I have USAA.

  2. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    i’ve been banking online since 1990. when i had to pick up the phone and put it down on the modem to call the bank’s server.
    first technology federal credit union.

    the site is clean, easy to use, has some interactive tools and some non annoying slide shows.
    would be nice if all the business/banking sites i have to use were that well done.

    • tundey says:

      Yes credit unions are the best. My credit union was offering free online banking (via modems) back when regular banks were charging for it.

  3. TechnoDestructo says:

    you have to wonder if the retail model is right for banking.

    Well, it beats the hell out of the banking model for banking.

  4. PHX602 says:

    Get ready? BofA has been pulling this s— for the last two or three years. After I log in, an interstitial window tries pitching something — a savings account, or this, or that.

    (Yes, I know BofA is banking with Satan himself, but I do have another, and I still like having a nationwide bank for some transactions. And switching is an enormous PITA.)

  5. alan_nishioka says:

    i know the discover bank web site is run by online resources inc.
    does anyone know what other bank websites are run by them?

  6. jaydez860 says:

    All I want my online banking to do that none do is reserve money for checks. If I write check #450 for $150.90 I want to log on to my bank account and say that check # 450 needs $150.90 set aside for it so it is out of the available balance shown online. That way is someone (usually a charity) sits on a check for 4 months it doesn’t screw up my account when it finally clears.

    It will also prevent check fraud by saying don’t honor this check for more than this amount.

    • JayDeEm says:

      Or in my case, an Optometrist. They sat on a check for about a month and a half, we forgot about it and they finally deposited it right as our account balance was hitting a low point. Chase, of course, processes the transactions largest to smallest, generating 3 overdraft fees to the tune of $99. I would have rather they bounced the check at that point.

  7. pz says:

    Actually, Wachovia’s online website has been progressively fancier on the DHTML-side of bells and whistles for years.

    Most of it’s tasteful, I just wish they wouldn’t use Akamai as a CDN — couldn’t they make a CDN in-house?

  8. jimstoic says:

    Why disparage Amazon? To my knowledge, Amazon doesn’t use annoying pop-ups.

  9. H3ion says:

    When will a bank let me get cash out of my floppy drive slot?

  10. mac-phisto says:

    seriously? this has been going on for years already. what do you expect? the writer seems to think banks just discovered cross-selling…uh, no. harvesting information from the aggregation of financial data has been around for decades & started with banks; not amazon.

    where i draw the line is when my bank starts tracking my other activity & uses that information to cross-sell products that they or their partners offer. for example, if i’m visiting stock-related websites & my bank starts hounding me with stock buying offers, or worse – offers that indicate they monitored specific transactions on other sites.

  11. Stephmo says:

    If you opt-out of offers from your bank, they shouldn’t be able to do pop-ups and other sells on the website when you’re logged on. Call your bank to see if you’ve opted out if you’re overly concerned.

    The whole opt-out stuff really increased this year – do be sure to ask what the down-side is, though. In some cases, it means not being able to sign up without talking to a person so they can verify who you are and that you’ve been verified so they can prove you solicited the offer and that they didn’t solicit you (and get fined).

    OR – you can realize it’s not the end of the world and your brain will learn to ignore these things.