Zombie Brands: Not Just For Retail Anymore

We’ve followed the nationwide invasion of zombie retailers such as Sharper Image, Circuit City and Linens ‘N’ Things–brands that go bankrupt, then reappear on the web or in the same strip malls they originally roamed. Zombie brands don’t just exist in retail, though. Mainstreet.com rounded up a horde of re-animated brands that includes a magazine and a major-league sports franchise.

Yes, the Phoenix Coyotes are looking to, um, rise again.

Earlier this year, the Phoenix Coyotes, a hockey team, filed for Chapter 11, catching the NHL off guard. The team was auctioned off and bought by the NHL for $140 million, but the Coyotes are still struggling to find new ownership and a clean future. According to the NHL commissioner, this should happen by the end of the current hockey season.

7 Dead Brands Come Back to Life [MainStreet]

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