Buy A Home, Get Free Can Of Food

As if the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers wasn’t enough, Clayton Homes, a Tennessee-based seller of manufactured, modular, and mobile homes, is offering a little something to sweeten the deal: a can of pork and beans.

Although there’s no mention of the promo on the Clayton Homes website, an animated GIF running on the website for the Columbia Daily Herald lays out the details: buy a home from Clayton Homes before the end of the year, and receive a can of VanCamp’s Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce.

Thanks Sherry!


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  1. Smashville says:

    Not really surprising when you consider…Columbia, Tennessee: Home of Mule Day.

  2. heypal says:

    free is free.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    I guess they aren’t trying to appeal to the Jewish and Muslim home buying population (not to mention vegetarians, too).

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I don’t think they’re trying to appeal to the discerning home buying population. I haven’t been able to eat canned baked beans in about six years.

    • Smashville says:

      If you’ve ever been to Columbia, there is no Jewish or Muslim population. If there was a number lower than zero percent…that’d be it.

      Hell, the house is on the Pulaski Highway. Pulaski = Birthplace of the KKK.

      • Saites says:

        Also, the next town from mine (see previous comment) is Chapel Hill. Their high-school is Forrest High-school. Named after Nathan Bedford Forrest.

  4. sir_pantsalot says:

    The Dysfunctional Home Show has some of the best recipes for “PORK AND BEANS!”

  5. Jfielder says:

    They can’t be serious….

  6. larsdad says:

    Just the thing to “break” in that new home…

    • lilyHaze says:

      That’s why they’re opening the door for you. It’s a service, after you’ve partaken of the pork and beans.

  7. MDSasquatch says:

    Maybe it is a REALLY BIG CAN?

  8. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    Oh, but it’s the name brand pork and beans (if you believe the picture)…

  9. sir_pantsalot says:

    If Clayton Homes were serious and really wanted to sell some houses then they would be giving away a large can on Ranch Style Beans with every house. If I am deciding between two houses and one comes with Ranch Style Beans I will be choosing the beans.

  10. evilrobot says:

    The manufacturer appears to portray a decent image via their web site.

    Therefore, I will be the first to declare shenanigans upon the Columbia Daily Herald.

    [suddenly hungry for pork n’ beans and a grilled cheese sandwich]

    • Smashville says:

      Note that it is not the manufacturer with this deal, it’s the Columbia dealer. Manufactured homes work much like car dealers. In this case, it’s a dealer promotion, not a manufacturer promotion.

  11. joshua70448 says:

    The ad itself goes to a local Clayton Homes dealer: Still no mention of the pork-and-beans promotion, though.

    • cynical_reincarnation says:

      So this whole thing could be a scam!

      Luring unsuspecting homebuyers in with pie in the sky promises of beans and pork….

  12. PHRoG says:

    Holy cow!!! I don’t think they could possibly fit any more ads on that site…LOL Impossible to find the news!

  13. Digitizer says:

    Long live country folk!

    • Saites says:

      The sad thing is Columbia is actually pretty big (compared to the surrounding area). You’d really have to get near Nashville before you’d start getting into a more densely populated area.

  14. Smashville says:

    I thought I had seen this before.

    Here’s a flyer with the same promo.

  15. diasdiem says:

    …But the beans contain potassium benzoate!!!

  16. Yume Ryuu says:

    Are you sure this is real?

  17. NoDavidOnlyZuul says:

    Maybe it’s a way to ward off potential non paying people (sorry it’s almost the end of the day). Default on this house, get used to eating these every day!

  18. Digitizer says:

    Aren’t mobile homes considered to be TORNADO magnets in that area of the country?

  19. wickedpixel says:

    Couldn’t have been too dumb of an idea – look at all the free press they’re getting.

    • Smashville says:

      Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner!

    • FatLynn says:

      I wonder if anyone would buy just so they could say they did.

      My condo was the model unit, so it came with a whole bunch of free popcorn leftover from the realtor’s attempts to give it a “homey smell”.

  20. angryrider says:

    Considering a good deal of Americans are on food stamps, it should be the other way around.

  21. microcars says:

    the raw gif for those that don’t want to view the whole web page

  22. skrolnik says:

    Rorschach’s Journal, December 1st 2009 —
    Landlady went on another one of her hysterical tirades today. The accumulated bile from years of dealing with her sanctimonious rants backs up into throat and leaves a bad taste in mouth. Considering moving out of apartment and getting a place in the country, but the life of a masked vigilante does not offer many opportunities for building a nest egg. Current decaying corpse of what was once a thriving real estate market still offers glimmer of hope for solution to my housing woes. Must investigate this Clayton Homes — their offer is very tempting.

  23. Shadowfax says:

    Signs of a plummeting economy. A year or so ago some guy was selling a house, and was going to throw in a free supercar. Now the freebie’s been downsized to processed meat and legumes.

  24. topgun says:


  25. ludwigk says:

    Classy, Mr. Claytone, couldn’t have even gone with Bush’s beans, a terrific bean company from your home town! Pbtttt!

    I went to highschool with Jim Clayton’s grandson. That guy was a total dick.

  26. H3ion says:

    The builder across the street is offering a can of pork and beans AND a six pack of Bud.

    All of the houses boast indoor plumbing.

  27. enabler says:

    It’s not even the best brand, though. Van Camp’s needs something like BBQ sauce added to it for actual flavor (or thickness).

  28. jerrycomo says:

    It’ll make a nice home-made- meal. (hi hi)

  29. Draygonia says:

    Oh no.. these guys are just down the street from base… How embarassing…. for us…