Black Friday Picks From A Tightwad

We still think that shopping on Black Friday is a really, really bad idea, but apparently we’re in the minority. According to one recent poll, 54% of American consumers are planning on shopping at some point this weekend. We’re hoping that at least some of them are just going to pick up some Zantac to help deal with today’s excesses. For the rest, there are a few deals worth considering, if you know where to look.

Consumer Reports’ resident cheapskate, Tightwad Tod, put together a list of his top Black Friday picks, and some of them don’t involve rushing out to the nearest big box outlet at midnight, battling for parking spots, or fighting with hockey moms over the last discounted DSi. Our favorite from Tod’s list:, which is offering an $80 Blu-ray player and other deals. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not the only ones interested in these deals, since we couldn’t even get into the site this evening. But we’d still rather keep hitting Ctrl-R than hitting the mall, so we’re willing to give it another try.

Black Friday bargains begin today [Tightwad Tod]