Black Friday Picks From A Tightwad

We still think that shopping on Black Friday is a really, really bad idea, but apparently we’re in the minority. According to one recent poll, 54% of American consumers are planning on shopping at some point this weekend. We’re hoping that at least some of them are just going to pick up some Zantac to help deal with today’s excesses. For the rest, there are a few deals worth considering, if you know where to look.

Consumer Reports’ resident cheapskate, Tightwad Tod, put together a list of his top Black Friday picks, and some of them don’t involve rushing out to the nearest big box outlet at midnight, battling for parking spots, or fighting with hockey moms over the last discounted DSi. Our favorite from Tod’s list:, which is offering an $80 Blu-ray player and other deals. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not the only ones interested in these deals, since we couldn’t even get into the site this evening. But we’d still rather keep hitting Ctrl-R than hitting the mall, so we’re willing to give it another try.

Black Friday bargains begin today [Tightwad Tod]


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  1. dragonfire81 says:

    I suspect folks will be out in force this Black Friday because a lot of them are trying to stretch their dollars this Christmas and are seeking good deals.

    That said, I hope the insanity is kept to a minimum.

  2. NotYou007 says:

    F5 is a lot easier than Ctrl-R and their site is working as I type this and that 80 dollar Blu-Ray player is IN STORE ONLY so good look with F5

    • NotYou007 says:

      And it has a 20 dollar mail in rebate so it cost 100 upfront and then you must play the rebate game. I’m happy with my LG BLU-RAY that I picked up a few days ago :-)

    • coren says:

      It is at the moment…his article does say ” The best deals, however, are being offered at on Friday, like the Nintendo Wii for $170 (after $30 mail-in rebate), and a Toshiba Blu-Ray player for $80.”

      Which might mean they’ll go live tomorrow – not all online sales are active yet. (or he could be wrong too, who knows!)

  3. Bohemian says:

    Limited Too/Justice has a 40% off everything on their website tonight & Friday. IIRC Ann Taylor also had a 40 or 50% off everything online. Both of these are much better deals than anything I saw in the doorbuster ads.

  4. Awjvail says:

    My mom is leaving at 3am this morning to go out for Black Friday. And we live in Canada.

    Black Friday in Maine! Wuu huu!

  5. awer25 says:

    So…54% of Americans are planning on shopping this weekend? That seems less than an ordinary weekend.

    • Awjvail says:

      I think by shopping they mean.. shopping for Christmas crap… the usual Black Friday stuff. Not groceries, etc.

      54% doesn’t seem all that far out there, actually.

      • RickN says:

        Even assuming they mean “shopping for Christmas crap”, what are they comparing it to? What percentage will shop next weekend? Or the weekend after? Maybe this weekend last year?

        54% of people shopping for Christmas on a weekend in July is news. On a much-hyped November/December sales weekend — not so much.

  6. umbriago says:

    I think Black Friday is one of the dumber concepts going. I would probably like it more if everyone wore black.

  7. KathleemB says:

    There are people lining up at my local Meijer – the cashier told me they’ve been there since around eight. I’m so glad that there is really not anything I need enough to sacrifice sleep and sanity by queuing up at 8pm for a sale that starts at 5am.

  8. Crutnacker says:

    I’ve always thought someone like Wal-Mart or Target would be wiser to have their sale on another, exclusive date. It’s not like people won’t still line up to buy the cheap stuff they don’t need.

  9. KrispyKrink says:

    I did my shopping in January. A box of generic cards on clearance for $5.

  10. kaceetheconsumer says:

    What does it say about me that I wouldn’t shop at most of the stores he lists on any day, because they’re mostly ones I consider to be overpriced for their quality anyway?

    Those of us who shop resale regularly for our kids’ clothes or at Costco or Amazon for our electronics don’t need to go to those big department stores, least of all on Black Friday.

    Okay, my husband is a Machead so the Apple store is interesting but not enough to venture out of the house tomorrow.

  11. morganlh85 says:

    I usually go out on Black Friday to buy things for MYSELF, which greatly heightens my enthusiasm about the whole ordeal. Besides, what is more entertaining than crazy people high on holiday spirit? lol

    • chiieddy says:

      Agreed. New winter coat! Hoping for a cashmere blend.

      I did all my Christmas shopping online last night. $99 1 TB External HDDs are available at NewEgg. I got a garage door opener (belt drive) for $150 at Lowe’s after putting in a 10% off coupon on their $167 sale price. $29 online for 100% cashmere men’s scarves at Jos. A. Banks ($5 for in store delivery). Great for gifts for sibling boyfriends because they is cheap and includes them in the family paper ripping. Staples had a $40 p-touch label maker for $10 online. Add in a cartridge and you’re over $50 for their free shipping which is pre-discount.

  12. supergaijin says:

    Dell Home has the Sony Blu-Ray Sony BDP-S360 for less than $89 with free shipping after Bing Cashback (currently 20%. That’s $109 less $21.80 Bing Cashback =$88.19 ), and no fighting the crowds in stores.

    Enter through the bing portal, but here’s the item:

    Tightwad Todd needs to work a little harder.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      But, you have to order with Dell, so you’ll either never get it, you’ll get it in six months, or you’ll get something you never ordered in the first place.

  13. valen says:

    Definition of an “oxymoron”: Any article with “Tightwad” or “Bargain” in the title that suggest purchasing from Nieman Marcus, the home of the $682 stroller.

  14. chiieddy says:

    I’m just going to go clothes shopping for the Macy’s door buster sales. Those are where the bargins are. I’ve never had a problem with parking or crowds at 8 am.

  15. Starfury says:

    I’ll be working until 2pm and then heading out for some art supplies. Aaron Bros. has a 25% off your order coupon and I need a few things. I can get them at a discount and laugh at all the crazies hitting Target and the other mall stores.

  16. P_Smith says:

    “Black Friday”? Screw that – or rather, screw them.

    I’m going for Buy Nothing Weekend, never mind Buy Nothing Day.

  17. LastError says:

    Not doing any Black Friday stuff this year. For one thing, I needed to be at work early this morning so the last thing I need before a long work day is giving up all my sleep to stand in line, and then go to work. No way.

    Plus, my budgeting remains the same whether this is Black Friday or any Friday and I’m not about to go nuts and run up credit cards for stuff I really don’t need. BF is mostly a day where people buy things for themselves. I need the brakes done on my car a lot more than I need a new TV.