Tires Q&A: Can I Replace One or Two Tires at a Time on My Car? “The simple answer is yes you can in most cases-but there are many considerations.” [Consumer Reports Cars]


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  1. sp00nix says:

    I recommend either 2 or all 4 for even wear. Uneven tires can make the car handle funny.

  2. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Replacing one tire is never a good idea, always try to do them in axle sets. And always maintain proper alignment and get them rotated every 6-10k miles depending on your manual :D

  3. JRock says:

    Winter tires are almost always recommended to be installed in sets of 4. Also, be careful with used tires, it’s always a gamble… I’d feel safer on a set of cheap Walmart tires than a used set.

    • shepd says:


      In fact, in some places it is illegal to mix winter and non-winter (this includes all season!) tires on the same car. A full set of one or the other only.

  4. jdsmn says:

    On an all-wheel-drive vehicle, replace all four at the same time, or you will wear the differentials out faster. Having a mix of two brands of tires or old and new tires makes for differences in diameters (albeit small), which make one wheel turn faster than the other, and causes your AWD to be engaged all the time, even on dry conditions.

    At least that was what I was told, but it seems to make sense. And differential replacements = $$$$

    • Darkest Daze says:

      @jdsmn: Completely true. Subaru’s are notorious for having differentials made of glass…along with cats, axles, head gaskets, and 2nd gear on manual trans.

      …..why’d I buy a Subaru again?

      • Dacker says:

        @Darkest Daze:

        Outback H6 owner here:

        If you buy your tires from a really good company and/or friendly local dealer as I did, you may be able to get all four tires replaced on an all wheel drive vehicle.

        My wife had a complete blowout on one of the “Big-O” (that’s a brand) tires. I brought the car back to the super-friendly, family-owned Big-O dealer we’d been using. She knew that it’s appropriate to replace all four tires on the Subie and replaced them all for free. I did have to pay for the mounting, which is fair, but that’s class customer service.