See Which Retailers Offer Free Shipping

The website istobe offers a daily free shipping report for over 500 online retailers, where you can quickly see whether there’s a minimum purchase requirement or if the retailer offers free shipping at all. It’s a good resource to use as you compare prices, and istobe says they update it daily.

Daily Free Shipping Report [Istobe]
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  1. hagirl says:

    I know that is a major consideration I have for any online store. I will almost never pay for shipping.

  2. GitEmSteveDave_CanCommentz says:

    I want free shipping from Think Geek for my taun-Taun sleeping bag. I am not paying ~$14 for shipping AND sales tax on the shipping as well. Damn I hate Corzine.

  3. Segador says:

    Amazon Prime. Love it. I’ve saed probably $600 in shipping in the year or so I’ve had it. Free 2-day shipping on most products on the site.

  4. Starfury says:

    Free shipping will entice me to buy more. I tend to purchase on Amazon a lot; I get 3x points on my Amazon card and it’s not hard to hit the $25 free shipping threshold.

    I have noticed they don’t use UPS and are using USPS. The USPS tracking is crap.

    • HogwartsAlum says:

      @Starfury: They sometimes use UPS. And you don’t know it til you check out, so I get my packages sent to my work now, so that UPS won’t either lose it, “forget” to deliver it or throw it into my tree.

      I agree; USPS tracking sucks. When you go to their website and enter the tracking number, you get a message saying “There is no information for this package. Try again later.” I’ve gotten that message when I’m sitting there with the package in my hand.

  5. RBraden says:

    JC Penney has some items excluded under free shipping. One item I considered was 21.50 but they wanted 28.00 for shipping. I canceled on that one quickly

  6. mamacat49 says:

    I like this site, since I always hunt for a free shipping code. I will only shop with free shipping. I can do a lot of running around town looking for the item instead of the $10 you’re charging me to get it to my house. And don’t tell me I “need” to buy $100 to get it.
    Kohls lets you put in 2 codes online. And one can always be free shipping.

  7. oh my jeezus says:

    I don’t understand why people like free shipping so much. Can someone explain?