Man Gets Defective Mini Refunded With Awesome And Polite Letter

At first he thought it was an earthquake, being in California and all. Then Eric realized, no, it was his Mini Cooper that was violently shaking.

Eric’s Mini was a lemon. In less than a year of owning the car, Eric experienced all sorts of problems, from the shaking, to the power steering going out, to several problems with his VANOS solenoid going out. So Eric decided to get BMW to take the car back and give him a full refund, as is allowed under “lemon law.” He’s not a lawyer, just a consumer who wanted a fair deal and used online research to figure out what to do, and how to win. For example, here’s the letter that got BMW to give him his money back and take the car off his hands:

He documented his whole experience over at Check it out and learn how to protect yourself under lemon law.

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