Somewhere, Out There, A Piece Of Demi Moore's Hip Is Looking For Its Home

Since you all were so fond of the photoshop horror that was that one Ralph Lauren ad, we bring you the latest tragedy from BoingBoing. Demi Moore is on the cover of W this month. Well, most of her is.

It seems that the cover photoshopper decided that Mrs. Kutcher had too much flesh on her left side.

From BoingBoing:

Note how the upper part of her left thigh/hip is basically missing (our right). Did she have some sort of weird car accident that left a wedge of meat missing from it? The fabric even magically floats above the missing thigh. Ha!

Hey, ew.

Was Demi Moore Ralph-Laurenized on “W” mag cover, with missing hip-flesh? [BoingBoing]