Sonic Manager Sends Fake Gunman To Rob His Joint

A Missouri Sonic manager who could only be described as “hardcore” took employee training to Michael Scott levels by hiring a pretend robber to hold up his store and see how his employees would react, Slashfood reports:

When authorities received frantic reports from panicked customers of a potential hostage situation, they sped to the restaurant to resolve it.

“The officers quickly determined this was a training exercise,” St. Joseph Police Department commander Jim Connors recounts. “We forcefully got the message across that’s not expected behavior.”

Sonic did not return calls and e-mails seeking comment, so it’s unclear whether the manager was following a corporate directive.

If this is a corporate directive (highly doubtful), working at Sonic just got a whole lot more exciting.

(Confidential to non-video game geeks: The pic is Street Fighter’s Guile executing the “Sonic Boom” move).

Sonic Customers Bewildered by Fake Gunman [Slashfood]
(Photo: Stop Podcasting Yourself)
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)


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  1. jamesdenver says:

    Didn’t some church do this during services during collection time to scare people into not “robbing” God?

  2. Fist-o™ says:

    I wonder how that would have played out in Texas, or any other place where customers/employees may have been armed!

  3. BrandonOBrien says:

    Boom! Roasted

  4. GitEmSteveDave_Isn'tFreshPerked says:

    Wow, someone didn’t think alerting the local PD and Sheriff was a good idea? Wow. It’s just mind bottling.

  5. xl22k says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  6. ShruggingGalt says:

    Didn’t a Walgreens (pharmacy I believe) do THE EXACT SAME THING not too long ago?

    And of course the clerk is suing…..

  7. HogwartsAlum says:

    How unbelievably stupid. And why does this stupid crap always seem to happen in Missouri?

    Oh yes, my bad. The meth lab rate that’s twice as high here as in any other state. :P Gaaah!

  8. floraposte says:

    They didn’t respond with the Sonic ad punch?

  9. Trai_Dep says:

    I shudder to think of how they field-test their policies concerning employees depositing bodily fluids in the food of customers.

  10. INsano says:

    Hold back for two seconds, then forward and any punch key.

  11. StanTheManDean says:

    we had a fire drill at the hospital where I worked 30+ years ago.

    The fire dept was not amused. Neither were the patients.

    The Asst Administrator who planned this little farkup was fired before the fire trucks had left the parking lot.

  12. Shadowman615 says:

    OMFG. The manager didn’t at least have half the brains to do this after closing or something? Although even then it would have been a stupid idea. Just less so.

  13. megafly2 says:

    I had a friend who was fooled into believing that an Air Ambulance had crashed. They waited to tell him until he had already started following the checklist, and was in the process of having all available aircraft and law enforcement diverted to search for the crash site in the area. My buddy kept his cool, but everybody else in the office was losing their minds because their friends and coworkers were (to their knowledge) burning in a crumpled ball of wreckage.

  14. Aaron Poehler says:

    @megafly2: “My buddy kept his cool, but everybody else in the office was losing their minds”

    Well, that’s how he told the story to you anyway.

  15. manevitch says:

    Wow. Way to get someone shot by an employee with a concealed-carry permit. I wonder how quickly this Sonic’s insurance company dropped them due to excessive risk factors.

    • BCMHGB says:

      @manevitch: That was my first thought…I as a restaurant manager (who also carries) shudder at the thought of the owner pulling something like this. We have 3 managers and 2 of us carry…We would have one dead “bad guy” very quickly…a very upset owner and a very upset “bad guy” family…

  16. ds says:

    “Today, smoking is going to save lives.”

    Wow. Hopefully Stanley didn’t have a heart attack during this one.

  17. Kamidari says:

    Kind of reminds me of the coach at my HS that tried to motivate his players by faking being shot… []

  18. vastrightwing says:

    Why does this remind me about the joke where the lawyer pays his deceased friend back by putting a check “for the full amount” of the debt in his casket?

  19. failurate says:

    Given that they have burned up their Crying Wolf card, would now be a good time to rob them?

  20. bitsnbytes says:

    There’s an interesting new line of work here. Where do you go to get training on how to conduct an armed robbery simulation? What sort of money can you make doing this? Is this job in the Occupational Outlook Handbook?

  21. EvilTapioca says:

    From when I worked at the sonic in my area the manager on night shift would always lock the place if there were cars around the parking lot after closing time. I had assumed that was company policy but apparently not?

  22. Lucky_Strike-001 says:

    Oh god I live in Saint Joseph. I didn’t hear about this until I read the article here but then again I don’t watch the crappy local news station or read our sorry excuse for a newspaper. This crazy stunt doesn’t surprise me considering the amount of stupid in the city. I attend Missouri Western State University and I can’t wait until I graduate and get the hell out! In the mean time I need to find out which Sonic this was so I can avoid it like the plague. I don’t want a large side of OMFG I’M GOING TO DIE with my hamburger.

  23. nstonep says:

    I believe you’d need a permit do something so incredibly awesome and hardcore to your employees…corporate will still get sued.

  24. lakecountrydave says:

    They arrest the McDonald’s 911 calling lady but not this manager? He not only wasted the time and resources of police, but also put people in danger.

  25. Tratios says:

    This is the type of training that should be announced even if you want for a security company. Otherwise, the training has a good chance of ending up legal action, damage, even death.

    Just think of the ramifications of a person in the store with a legal conceal gun, taking actions which are covered under state and federal laws but result in a death.

    Not very thought out and most likely not review by any lawyers.