Sonic Manager Sends Fake Gunman To Rob His Joint

A Missouri Sonic manager who could only be described as “hardcore” took employee training to Michael Scott levels by hiring a pretend robber to hold up his store and see how his employees would react, Slashfood reports:

When authorities received frantic reports from panicked customers of a potential hostage situation, they sped to the restaurant to resolve it.

“The officers quickly determined this was a training exercise,” St. Joseph Police Department commander Jim Connors recounts. “We forcefully got the message across that’s not expected behavior.”

Sonic did not return calls and e-mails seeking comment, so it’s unclear whether the manager was following a corporate directive.

If this is a corporate directive (highly doubtful), working at Sonic just got a whole lot more exciting.

(Confidential to non-video game geeks: The pic is Street Fighter’s Guile executing the “Sonic Boom” move).

Sonic Customers Bewildered by Fake Gunman [Slashfood]
(Photo: Stop Podcasting Yourself)
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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