Time To Formulate Your Black Friday Safety Strategies

Looking ahead to Black Friday, America’s annual equivalent of soccer hooliganism, Bargain Babe Julia Scott enlists the help of fellow blogger Suzanne O’Connor to compile some safety tips to keep in mind when you brave the ravenous deal-hunting crowds.

Some tips from the post:

* Don’t carry a handbag. “You really want to be hands free,” Suzanne said. “If you have two arms it is better for safety. You won’t get knocked over. Plus you have talons, you can hold onto things.”

* Wear comfortable/athletic shoes so you can move quickly and be able to maneuver. “Keep your those little spike numbers at home,” she said.

* Shop with a friend – if you both have the same goals for the day. Are you focused on crossing every item off your list? Don’t shop with a girlfriend who likes to chat. Leave at home anyone you are going to argue with over purchases (like a boyfriend). Talk before you go and make a plan of action.

Other advice includes common courtesy — don’t start a fight by grabbing stuff out of peoples’ hands — and avoiding parking lots when possible to skip out on road rage.

If you’ve got some more Black Friday survival advice, share it in the comments.

Black Friday Safety [Bargain Babe]
(Photo: OldManMusings)

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