Your Wish For Tofurky/Gravy-Flavored Soda Has Been Granted

Spotter of strange foods NORMLgirl has brought you another gem: Tofurky and gravy flavored soda, in a story by the bemused Cheryl V. Jackson of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jackson writes:

Based on Tofurky vegetarian product, the beverage is vegan friendly and sugar free, the company says.

I’m no dietician, but I don’t imagine soda to be an integral part of a vegan’s diet. But that’s for our vegan readers to decide. So how about it, vegans — will this new carbonated delight become a part of Thanksgiving, the most depressing day of the year for you?

Jones Soda targets vegans with Tofurky and Gravey [Chicago Sun-Times]
(Photo: Chicago Sun-Times)

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