Personal Finance Roundup

How to Make Money as a Soccer Referee [Free Money Finance] “If you’re interested in making some extra money as a soccer ref (or any sort of ref for that matter), this post should be right up your alley.”
How to file an insurance claim — and win [MSN Money] “Submitting a claim doesn’t have to be painful, drawn-out experience. Follow these tips to get a quicker response from your insurer.”
Money Issues That Can Test Even a Rock-Solid Marriage [NY Times] “Five of the financial issues that are most likely to cause strife and a few ideas about how to work them out.”
The Trade-offs of Selling Your Life Insurance [Smart Money] “Cashing in your policy can be a stopgap. But you probably shouldn’t do it.”
Be a smarter charitable giver [CNN Money] “Make your charitable dollars go further by following these three strategies.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: kevindean)