Meet JC Penney's Notoriously "Obese" Mannequins

Over at The Awl there is an intensively researched fact-check of Cintra Wilson’s review of the Manhattan JC Penney store, which at the time, we described as “simultaneously hateful and boring.” The review-of-the-review features photographs of the mannequins Ms. Wilson described as “obese.”

From The Awl:

But the most egregious claim Wilson makes about Penneys with regard to fatness is “[JC Penney] has the most obese mannequins I have ever seen.” The “I have ever seen” clause in that statement is the one thing that prevents me from declaring this outright slander. In my time at Penneys, I never saw a mannequin that looked appreciably different from any other mannequin that I have ever seen. They were all rather tall and skinny-you know, like mannequins are.

Yeah, we sort of thought so. The article also includes a fun round-up of instances in which Ms. Wilson uses the word “fat.” Enjoy.

Real America with Abe Sauer: A Visit to New York City’s JC Penney [The Awl]

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