Avoid The Diabolical Target Lysol Disinfectant Wipe Trap

Target loves to keep you on your toes. Which is the better deal? 110 wipes for $4.79 or 80 wipes for $4.79?

Reader Costner says:

Attached are two images taken the same day in the same Target. The two products are literally inches apart from one another, but one is $4.79 for the 80 count Lysol wipes while the other is $4.79 for the 110 count Lysol wipes. Now I’m not real strong at math, but I’m guessing the 110 count just might be a better deal. The sad part was the 110 count appeared to be full while the space holding the 80 count was partially empty.

…I opted to buy the 110 count version which actually rang up at the correct price of $4.79.

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