Shrink Ray Zaps Jack In The Box Sauce Packets

If you want to slather your Jack in the Box grub in sweet & sour sauce you’re going to need to grab more packets, because as Jason spotted in this photo, the amount of sauce in each mini-container has shrunk from 1 ounce to 0.875 ounces.

True, these packets are free, and true, it’s tough to notice that 0.125 ounces of sweet & sour are missing from your fries/nuggets, but this is a dire sign indeed. The GDP numbers may say that the recession is over, but sauce packet shrinkage is in full effect.


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  1. gfonner says:

    Never having eaten at a Jack in the Box, I don’t know how necessary it is to add the sweet & sour sauce to your meal. Maybe it’ll actually be less wasteful if the majority of people don’t use the full ounce?

    Please feel free to correct me if it is actually necessary is to add as much sweet & sour sauce as one possibly can get his or her hands on.

    • Preyfar says:

      @gfonner: Very good point. I know at the dreaded McDonalds, when I get nuggets, I generally nom down about 1.5 packets for my nugget meal. So that’s about half a thing of sauce gone to waste.

      This may be less about “shrink ray” and more about “how much do people consume on average”.

      • Anonymously says:

        @Preyfar: But if they increased the size to 1.5x it’s current size, you’d only need one packet.

        • MostlyHarmless says:

          @JohnQPublic: However giving out only one packet is a much more negatively noticeable change than handing out two smaller ones. Most people will then ask for a second one anyways because they know that one wont be enough. Trying to tell them that this one is bigger can only end with another article on consumerist.

        • Preyfar says:

          @JohnQPublic: True, but how many people will still grab two? Most people’d be used to grabbing two for that second one “just in case”.

      • shepd says:


        1 sauce per 3 nuggets (sometimes 1 per 2 nuggets) here. Since the local McDs charges for “Extra” sauce, I’m happy that the portions there won’t be going down.

    • StyckyWycket says:

      @gfonner: I’m willing to bet it’s less about consumer waste and more about corporate profit, though.

  2. zjmuse says:

    This is one I don’t really think is a problem. Its a free item that comes with meals, if you need more you can ask for more. But by and large it will save them money. Better this than charging for the sauce packets, no?

  3. blandname says:

    Fast food restaurants should probably turn their shrink ray towards ketchup packets. Many times I have received a good 8-10 with my meal, sometimes without even asking for ketchup, thus ensuring I will never have to actually buy a bottle of ketchup.

  4. Rachacha says:

    Nothing to see here. When I go to a fast food restaurant and get a sauce packet, I typically use only 1/2 of a single package, so decreasing the size is no big deal. If you need more, open a second package.

  5. MarketMaven says:

    Anyone wonder if the caloric value changed with the package decrease!?! It may just be a way to decrease the overall calorie count when factored into a meal. That is my two cents anyways.

  6. Gracegottcha says:

    I think they could easily save cost by not tossing a handful in the bag because you asked for some, especially at the drive-thru.

    Remember when you actually got napkins with your drive-thru order – without having to beg?

  7. iron_chef says:

    they’ll brag that it’s now with fewer calories!

  8. lannister80 says:

    Great, now I’ll grab an extra sauce tub and they’ll be laying out an extra 0.875 ounces.

  9. rwalford79 says:

    you might be missing some mili-ounces (I love that word) but I mean LOOK AT THE NEW JACK LOGO!!! I mean, JACK LOGO screams awesomeness even if its smaller.

  10. tcp100 says:

    HFCS? Calories? “I only dip 3 microns of nugget into sauce, so it doesn’t bother me”??

    Some people don’t understand sauce. Others do. To those unsauced, I cry for your blandness.

    As someone extremely pro-sauce, I have a big problem when fast food restaurants treat condiments like gold bullion. No, two ketchup packets is not enough. No, one thing of sauce is NOT enough for 9 nuggets.

    Woe is the timid dipper; I’ve seen you.. Barely touching that fry / nugget to the sauce. Why bother? Sauce is boss. Dunk or step off.