Get the Student Discount for Windows 7–Even If You’re Not a Student If you have an email address that ends in “.edu,” even if it’s an alumni account or you’re no longer a student, you can use it to get the student discount when you purchase Windows. UPDATE I had read this as saying that Microsoft was defining “student” as “anyone with a .edu email address” in the interest of efficiency, expediency, or whatever. Turns out you do need to be an actual, current student, and if Microsoft verifies that you are using a .edu email as an alum or affiliate, you will have to reimburse them for the price difference. Sorry for the mistake. [Consumer Reports Electronics]


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  1. Spin359 says:

    But that would be wrong….

  2. dohtem says:

    Windows 7 rocks.
    That is all.

  3. godai says:

    You don’t qualify if your not taking classes.

    “You are enrolled in coursework, current proof or enrollment may be required in the United States.”

    They just aren’t checking very well.

  4. Burzmali says:

    I got the student version, but they fail to mention (or at least make obvious) the fact that you don’t get an image file with your purchase. Instead, you download an executable file that upgrades your OS. The problem is, if you’re upgrading from XP (or from 32- to 64-bit), the executable won’t work. I had to torrent an ISO to actually install the OS. Maybe they’ve fixed it now, but that was the cases as of Friday the 23rd.

    That said, Windows 7 is pretty awesome. I loved XP and am glad I paid the $30 to move to 7.

  5. ckaught78 says:

    I’m able to get Win 7 Ultimate from my school for $19

    Items (All prices are in US Dollars)

    1. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade 32-bit (Student Option) – Mail Order
    Quantity 1, Unit Cost $18.79, Amount $18.79

  6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    It sucks that I can’t take advantage of this because my college email doesn’t end in .edu!!!

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

      @Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: And I wish to add – I’m a CURRENT student, not somebody who left college, so I’m not trying to game the system. I just wish I could get an upgrade but without an .edu account I can’t. I guess they don’t have .edu mails for Canadian students.

    • techstar25 says:

      @Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: If you’re attending a college that doesn’t qualify for an edu address, then I think you have bigger problems to worry about.
      I hope they didn’t tell you those credits were transferable …

      • b-real says:


        Apart from the fact that the OP was talking about a Canadian school, what you said isn’t factual at all. Hopkins Med, which is the best med school in, I don’t know, THE WORLD, gives its students email addys ending in Other schools do this too.

  7. Myron says:

    Sounds like you’re advocating fraud. Your mom should be proud. But searching the horrid MS sites for the terms of the deal is making my eyes bleed so a pox on MS.

  8. temporaryerror says:

    I understand that if you have the Win7 Ultimate RC1 build, it’s a huge PIA to install the student special. I suppose I could downgrade back to vista and then re-upgrade to the student deal…

  9. rbb says:

    Beware, beware, beware. If you took advantage of the Microsoft Ultimate Steal program to get Windows Vista Ultimate and are thinking of using the program again to upgrade to Win 7 [] BEWARE! Win 7 Pro cannot upgrade Windows Vista Ultimate. You must do a custom install which means a fresh install of Win 7 and re-installing all of your software. You can use a product such as Laplink’s PC Mover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant [] to backup your applications and allow you to put them back after installing Win 7. Make sure you read the instructions!!!

    Bottom line is that MS screwed over a lot of folks who bought Vista Ultimate and then got the Win 7 Pro upgrade.

    • Rachacha says:

      @rbb: A clean install will always be more stable in the end. Besides, by doing a format and reinstall you are able to clean out the applications that you installed “just to try out” but no longer need.

  10. esd2020 says:

    Seriously? If you’re willing to cheat and lie to get it cheaper, why not just download load it illegally for free?

    • Scuba Steve says:

      @esd2020: The Genuine Advantage check doesn’t tend to work on Cracked copies, nor will you get patches or service packs to work correctly.

  11. MarcoVincenzo says:

    I too can get Windows 7 Ultimate for ~US$20 through the university I work for, but I have no intention of doing so. I’ve got one legacy machine running Windows XP SP2, but all the others (five and counting) are running some version of Linux.

    If you want a first class operating system, forget Microsoft and download a copy of Ubuntu. It’s free and you can install it on as many computers as you’d like. Upgrades are seamless, you can ignore all the malware that infests Windows machines, and you’re not locked into paying Microsoft every greater amounts of money every few years to maintain access your own files held captive in their proprietary formats.

    • BWoodle says:

      @MarcoVincenzo: Your Windows complaints are greatly exaggerated and I’m writing this from a Linux machine. Software is the only thing that matters to most computer users and mainstream development just doesn’t happen for linux.

  12. Trai_Dep says:

    I’d posit that one risks the safety of your immortal soul for all eternity for fibbing. Until I realized that for those choosing Windows, Bill Gates took that little trifle away long ago. (You do remember clicking OK on that one, don’t you?)

  13. zarex42 says:

    You might as well just pirate it if you’re going to lie about your student status anyway. Don’t kid yourself.

  14. supercereal says:

    Screw a discount, Windows 7 (and a majority of other Microsoft products) is completely free to many current engineering students via the MSDN Academic Alliance. No strings attached.

  15. BabyFirefly says:

    I’d do this (still a student as well), but I’ll loose my Sims 2 game :-(

  16. Rachacha says:

    To be perfectly legal and to get physical media, just buy the $50 upgrade license or buy a 3 license family pack for $150 and be done.

  17. MooseOfReason says:

    Did Consumerist advocate fraud?