Brewery Owner Stares Down, Whups Monster In His Closet

Score a victory for the little guy. Matt Nadeau, the owner of the Rock Art Vermont brewery, which was slapped with a lawsuit by the sue-happy makers of the Monster energy drink for brewing a beer called “Vermonster,” has gotten the bullies to step off.

WCAX in Vermont reports:

Rock Art lawyers have been in negotiations with Monster lawyers and late Wednesday afternoon the two sides came to an agreement. Rock Art gets to keep ‘The Vermonster’ name as long as it stays out of the energy drink business.

Nadeau is pleased with the victory and says he would like to see more trademark reform.

“We’re so happy and appreciate all the support,” Nadeau said in a phone interview from his home, Wednesday night. “It would be wonderful to take this momentum and look at the next step. A little bit of reform. I understand big corporations have built their business, but the small guy needs to be able to fight a reasonable battle.”

Kudos for Nadeau for refusing to back down. Maybe this will inspire some of the other companies Monster’s parent, Hansen, is suing harassing for no reason.

A Monster Win for Rock Art [WCAX Vermont]
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