United Loses $12,418.28 Of Famous Rock Climber Steph Davis's Gear

Pro rock climber and base jumper Steph Davis is always superstitious about her last “flight.” On any trip, the last jump off the cliff in her wing suit, she’s sure something will go wrong. Recently, her fears came true, but not while hurtling herself off the Eiger. It was her flight on United, who lost $12,418.28 of her gear, including parachute.

After many phonecalls, United informed Steph via email that they will pay $3,174.20 of the claim. They will let Steph know in 60 days whether they are going to continue looking for her gear or not.

“I was a hell of a lot safer tossing myself off a cliff in a nylon squirrel suit. It’s awfully hard to base jump with no parachutes though. Thanks United! You’re the best!” wrote Steph on her blog.

Here’s a video of Steph climbing and jumping off the 400-foot Castleton Tower, in Moab, Utah.

Guitars, the luggage of people with broken guitars, rock-climbing equipment… United seems to have a problem safely delivering valuable baggage, or owning up to its mistakes.

So, next time, if you’re flying with a lot of expensive gear, make sure to have it insured, or send it FedEx.

United Loses BASE Gear [High Places] (Thanks to Mark!)

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