AT&T Can't Provide Service, Won't Let Customer Cancel

Malcolm moved to a building in an AT&T Wireless dead zone, and hoped to get out of his contract, being that he can’t use the service he pays for monthly.

With the amount of success he’s had in convincing AT&T to cut him free, he may as well have been making the customer service calls from his home. He writes:

I have 3 iPhones on my account with AT&T wireless and since moving to a new address I get no coverage in my area. I spoke with their technicians and they acknowledge that the service in my area is bad but they state that they can not guarantee service in homes or in buildings. They go on record as saying that I can not cancel my service without having to pay a cancellation fee for each line on my account.

The entire time I am on the phone with them, they ask me if there is any one that could take over the service. They are more focused with simply keeping the money rolling in from the accounts than they are with making sure that I have service or finding a way to make sure that the customer is taken care of.

Is there anything that you can do to help? Do you have any directs numbers for AT&T corporate or can you publish this story and try to get some sort or response from them?

He could start by contacting AT&T Wireless executive customer service. If any of you have moved to an AT&T dead zone and managed to get out of your contract, please leave your advice in the comments.

(Photo: mrbill)

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