Oh, Look, Yet Another Redesigned Nintendo DS

Nintendo is showing no mercy to those who picked up a DSi since it was released in April and announcing that gamers will have to pick up the new, redesigned DSi LL if they want to stay cutting-edge.

The new handheld gaming device boasts a larger screen than the DSi and longer battery life. It’s also bigger and heavier than the DSi, and Nintendo is slapping loyal customers in the face by not allowing them to transfer games they’ve downloaded on the DSi to the DSi LL.

The DSi LL bucks the trend of Nintendo’s numerous redesigns, which have made the device smaller and thinner. This pocket-unfriendly DSi could backfire, but hey, when you’ve sold 113 million of something, you know what you’re doing.

The doodad is coming out Nov. 10 in Japan and in the first three months of 2010 in Europe. There’s no release date yet for the U.S., but it will definitely come out here and you or someone you know will buy one.

Nintendo officially reveals the DSi LL [Destructoid]


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  1. Radi0logy says:

    “Nintendo is slapping loyal customers in the face by not allowing them to transfer games they’ve downloaded on the DSi to the DSi LL.”

    And those of us that shun devices that force consumers to buy licenses instead of owning physical media look on and laugh as what we predicted comes true.

    • AI says:

      @Radi0logy: Yup, true. Whenever I buy any DLC on Xbox Live, I buy it with the understanding that it’s not going to be mine forever, and I adjust what I’m willing to pay accordingly.

    • thisistobehelpful says:

      @Radi0logy: What’s the difference between a license and physical media in this case? I mean I still have a gameboy but I’m fairly sure I can’t stick the Tetris cartridge in a Wii and play on it. License or not, usually a new handheld game version requires new physical media as well. Before PS and Xbox came along, and ran off cd/dvd discs, game cartridges changed with every new system. Unless all manufacturers would like to use SD cards or something, there isn’t a single medium that fits into every system.

  2. Falcon5768 says:

    Umm I think you guys missed the point of this DS.

    Its not meant to those people who bought the DSi, its meant for OLDER PEOPLE (ie 55+ range) who didnt buy a DS because they cant see the screen or its too small to grasp.

    The DSI and DSI LL (LL meaning XL in Japanese) are the exact same thing, one is just bigger for older hands. The screen would actually look better on the DSi, since both have the same resolution anyway.

    • CupcakeKarate says:

      @Falcon5768: This is actually interesting to me because my husband never upgraded his original DS because they are too small for his banana hands. Maybe now he can finally get rid of that grey behemoth!

    • kalaratri says:

      @Falcon5768: I just wish they would have added back GBA compatibility since they probably had room in this behemoth. I would buy it if they did.

      • Etoiles says:

        @kalaratri: A-freaking-men. My black DS Lite (traded in my launch DS for it when it came out) is pretty beat up (used for years of NYC and DC subway commutes) and I would be willing to pay for a replacement, but I actually use the GBA slot. Its absence in the DSi makes me completely not want one.

        The larger size would help me too, though. I have positively enormous hands — how many women can reach a 12th on the piano? — and have trouble with the smallness of the system sometimes.

      • Cupajo says:

        @kalaratri: That will be a feature on the ‘DSi LL+ (w/GBA)’. Scheduled for release Q4 of 2010.

  3. techstar25 says:

    Apparently this one is for older gamers who have not yet bought a DS at all (hence the larger screen). Nintendo is determined to ensure that EVERY HUMAN ALIVE purchases a DS and so they keep designing new ones for every niche possible until they succeed in their goal.
    More power to them.
    I believe up next is the DS Gma for grandparents, which comes preloaded with season one of Murder She Wrote.

    • lmarconi says:

      @techstar25: lol +1

    • nbs2 says:

      @techstar25: If all the features are the same, except for the size change, this is a brilliant move. Boomers are getting older and I’m sure that someone could run the numbers and find that large print versions are gaining share in the book market.

      As for infecting the world, I’ve been pushing the wife to get one for herself for a while. She just keeps putting it off (although, a touch is becoming the object of choice).

  4. VA_White says:

    My tween has a DSi and he loves it. He doesn’t want the bigger one. We might get his grandma one for her birthday. She loves playing Bookworm on her DS Lite.

  5. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Hooray! A whole new rack and a half of DS accessories that are incompatible with my original DS fat.

  6. Mecharine says:

    The “view window” size is still the same, meaning that the screens will be stretched to accommodate worse eyesight. Its gonna look worse for people with good eyesight.

  7. GMFish says:

    I don’t know why these upgrades and product refreshes upset people. No one, absolutely no one, is forcing anyone to buy Nintendo’s plastic crap.

  8. esc27 says:

    The lack of transferability is the primary reason I never bought a Wii. I’d love a Wii for the WiiWare and Virtual Console, but not if my games are stuck on one console.

  9. wrjohnston91283 says:

    The DSi came out in Japan Nov first, so this is being released one year later. Phil implies that it’s been less than a year by using the US release date of April in the article.

    Nintendo still sells the DS lite, along with the DSi. They are just segmenting their market to different demographics and price points. Does Phil get upset when Ford releases a redesigned car a year after he buys one?

  10. Kaisum says:

    And my DSi just came in the mail yesterday :(


  11. theblackdog says:

    I’ll only buy a DSi if they make a Zelda edition like they did for the DS two years ago.

  12. JohnDeere says:

    nintendo has been slapping customers in the face over handhelds for a long long time.

  13. The Cheat says:

    I swear to god, Nintendo comes out with a revolutionary device and then there is a ridiculous chain of evolutionary products after.

    There was the DS, various color and special edition DS’s, the DS Lite, various color and special edition DS Lites, then the DSi, various color and special edition DSi’s, now the DS LL, and I’m sure various color and special edition DS LL’s. WTF? They all play the same games with minor improvements in functionality.

    The Wii is the same way, there is the white Wii, the Black Wii, various other color special editions, and the gyro add-on for the controller. It’s the exact same guts but in new cases and people LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to trade their old one in for a new one that does the same thing.

    • drizzt380 says:

      @The Cheat:
      Actually, they do not all play the same games. They all play DS games. But the older ones play GBA games as well.

    • Rachacha says:

      @The Cheat: Not always. My son purchased a DS Lite last year for his 7th birthday with giftcards he received for his birthday (mom & dad didn’t want to buy it because we weren’t sure that he would be responsible enough with it to take care of it…his friends are on their 3rd DS that their parents bought them. Thankfully he is taking care of his DS, as it only has some cosmetic scuff marks on the bottom, and we have only bent one stylus.).

      He has no interest in a DSi because he sees no advantage to it other than the Camera so he can communicate with his friend standing next to him (at least I think it has a camera…I just can’t keep up with all of these new fangled gizmos…damn, I am turning into my parents).

  14. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    If this brings the DSi price down I will be thrilled.

    I’m not holding my breath though.

  15. TheOrtega says:

    This is typical Nintendo, as soon as a product cools, come out with a revision of a current product; Be it be a different color or slight cosmetic change. If the marketing team for Nintendo wasn’t so darn good!

  16. pop top says:

    The gadget world will implode if Apple and Nintendo ever got together.

  17. Outrun1986 says:

    I am just really glad that the now old DS Lite plays the same games, if they didn’t play the same games and Nintendo started releasing new DS Lite incompatible games then I would start to get angry. Or if Nintendo made a new system every year with new games only to be played on that system, not compatible with other systems.

    There is only 1-2 DSi only games releasing that I know of and I doubt they are going to be worth the purchase of a $170 system so I don’t think I have much to worry about now. Its not like there is a massive wave of them, and even if there was it would take many must have titles to purchase the new system. The DS library is so huge that I think I would have enough games to play anyways.

    • SteveZim1017 says:

      @Outrun1986: the only game that would have been a DSi Seller would have been the “new” re-release of pokemon heart gold and soul silver. thankfully they are just standard DS games

      • Outrun1986 says:

        @SteveZim1017: Yeah, if they were DSi only I probably would stop buying Nintendo products altogether because I would be really mad. Although I don’t think they could make them DSi only because the games do include Pal Park, which requires the GBA slot. Making them without this feature and making them DSi only would really mean that Nintendo is abandoning its fans. I don’t think Mario games sell as well as Pokemon games, Pokemon games are still a cash cow for Nintendo.

  18. calderon0311 says:

    At least you guys aren’t like Kotaku…