Reach Comcast Corporate Escalations

Frank Eliason is a great pointman for escalating Comcast customer service issues, but what if he dies, gets promoted, a new job, or decides we’re all just too annoying? Then you might want to have some backup executive customer service info:

Jim Weeder
Corporate Escalations
National Customer Service Deployment Center
720-268-8800 ext. 53233
1-800-718-7419 ext. 53233
M-F 6AM to 2:30PM MTN

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  1. JGKojak says:

    My latest COMCAST story-
    On the internet chatting w/a long lost friend on FB then – nothing, internet goes dead. I check TVs and – yep- total outage.

    I call customer support, and some yahoo spends 10 min. trying to convince me I need to swap out my modem. “But it’s a total outage. It’s not the modem”


    Then I had to spend 5 min. convincing him I don’t want a technician– I just want them to fix the damn problem, and that its clear its OUTSIDE my house, unless someone snipped the wires in my yard.

    Problem was fixed this morning. But… jeez. I swear I was talking to a character from Idiocracy.

    • bhr says:

      @JGKojak: The modem thing is idiotic, but how can they know its a neighborhood outage unless multiple people report it?

      /used to work for them.

      • bones11 says:

        @bhr: agreed. It takes 5 people from one neighborhood to call in about service being down for it to be a reported all-service outage, which in turns triggers technicians to be dispatched immediately. For those first 4 callers, a technician is just scheduled to go out with the first available date and time. Once caller 5 reports it, those technicians on the first 4 callers are canceled so it can be fixed asap.

        • JGKojak says:

          @bones11: That is asinine- at midnight, if me and my neighbor 5 houses down both have an all-service outage I’d say its morelikelythannot to be a legit outage.

          And I love being talked to like I’m stupid by a guy who is , clearly, stupid.

          • bones11 says:

            @JGKojak: and more than likely it is, but at midnight the cost of sending a team of on-call technicians to go investigate and fix a problem that could potentially take a few hours to resolve is expensive. Which is why that procedure is in place, so the company doesn’t take “bets” that it’s an outage and send techs out when it could be user error(not saying it was). I agree though three days is a long time to wait before they can send a tech out. In my area it’s usually within 24hours.

        • JGKojak says:


          Here are the tech’s suggestions (for an ALL SERVICE outage):
          1) All I can do is swap out yout modem.
          2) Can you plug the modem directly into your computer, bypassing your router (answer: no. My router/modem combo is 45ft. away in another part of the house).
          3) Can we schedule a tech to come out in 3 days?
          (So I’m supposed to be without service until then?)


      • comcastcares says:

        @bhr: Are tools would show that. Proximity check uses Google maps and provides information on every house in the area. We also have tools to proactively report area outages before Customers even know

  2. bloggerX says:

    On a somewhat related note, does anybody else besides me get 15 mailings about the phone service each month?

  3. MinorAnnoyance says:

    As one who has dealt with Mr. Weeder, I would like to recommend him to anyone with serious problems with their Comcast service. I was having problems with not being able to stay connected to their Universal Caller ID service.

    After the third or fourth attempt to get some kind of service, I carpet bombed them from a list I found here. Mr. Weeder was one of those who responded. He stuck with me on the thing for several days, calling at least once, sometimes twice to tell me they’d done something on their end and inquiring if it helped.

    We eventually figured out that the problem was with my prehistoric router which was carved from a single piece of obsidian by Ogg the Caveman and was obsolete five years ago and he still called a couple of times after to make sure I was once again a satisfied customer.

    Now if I could just get him acting on the subject of those damned commercials that are 2-3 times louder than the normal programming, I might be an almost happy Comcast camper for a while. Fodder for another thread I expect.

    • MinorAnnoyance says:

      @MinorAnnoyance: “calling at least once, sometimes twice” should read “calling at least once, sometimes twice A DAY”.

      He couldn’t help with my lousy typing skills.

  4. leastcmplicated says:

    I chatted with Comcast the other day saying that I no longer get anything on Noggin On Demand, that is says i have to subscribe to the service. Odd because I was getting it before. They send signals, nothing sends another signal says i need to wait 12 hrs. So after 12 hrs I call up because i’m still not getting it, she also sends signals. Doesnt work, sets up an appt with a tech, tech comes out checks my box, calls up someone and says “hey what channel is noggin?” person on the other line says “We dont have noggin anymore, its Nick Jr”

    turns out thats the reason i dont get noggin on Demand anymore. it took a chat, a call and a tech to figure that one out? brilliant.

    • JGKojak says:


      I love how they have to “reset” my box if I haven’t disconnected it from a power source in a couple months — I have learned to flip on and off the power strip before I go to bed every couple months. Which is idiotic to have to do.

  5. SunsetKid says:

    After dealing with three awful TV tech support people with conflicting and wrong information, I just called the President’s office in Philadelphia. I got right through to a support person who did not understand the technical aspect of my problem but had a local person call me. This person resolved the issue.

    I still hate Comcast.

  6. watsuk says:

    I’ve sorta hopped around with the TV providers and have had Dish, DirecTv, AT&T U-verse and Comcast.

    None are great, the Sat. ones have frequent outages with weather issues and 1 & 2 year requirements to commit to their service, I was with Comcast and got annoyed with them over very long waits to get to their CS and Billing depts so I changed to AT& U-verse as I had gotten a barrage of advertising bumf from them. Both Comcast & AT&T do NOT make you sign up for a year so a plus for both right there.

    I lasted 49 days with AT&T and went back to Comcast due to the really stupid billing they had. Comcast has its problems but overall I am probably better off just putting up with the long waits if I need to reach someone.

    If you are interested in AT&T U-verse you might take a look at my blog about them at: []

  7. feckingmorons says:

    To associate a photograph of a religious icon from a Roman Catholic altar in a Church in Vienna, Austria is in poor taste.

    One would hope you would be more circumspect when choosing your pictures.

    • Woodside Park Bob says:

      I don’t see any problem with using the photo. It sums up Comcast’s view of themselves exceedingly well. Good choice!

  8. corker says:

    I love Comcast. They have always responded right away to any problems i may have. Being 69 years of age, I’m not tech savvy. I just bought a windows 7 computer, and have networking with them. First guy – didn’t know what to do, second guy came yesterday, spent 2 hours and got everything up and running. A particular thanks to Brad for the time he spent here

  9. mojomarc says:

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I recently resolved a big issue with Comcast in record time thanks to a version of the executive carpet bomb (I targeted to just a few execs, but the ones I knew were key).

    Here’s the issue: I have a TiVo with a cable card. If you have digital cable, the digital signal that you receive is MPEG and a transport stream. That transport stream includes other data not included in MPEG, most importantly for TiVo with cablecard users the CCI byte which determines the level of copy protection the program saved to your TiVo is forced to apply.

    As a hockey fan, I had purchased the Center Ice package to get all the NHL games. Unfortunately, Comcast, like a bunch of other screwhead cable companies, treats League Pass as a pay-per-view event instead of like a normal channel and, without the NHL’s requirement, puts a CCI byte of 0x03 on each and every NHL game. Despite what Comcast tech support will tell you, this is a Comcast decision and is done on Comcast’s end, which means that you go nowhere. Why is this important? Because CCI byte 0x03 corresponds to a Federal DRM regulation which means “never copy” (i.e. you can’t transfer it to any sort of dvr and keep any more than 90 minutes of content from the program on said DVR, and 90 minutes after the start of the broadcast it begins to start erasing the content). Needless to say, this makes it impossible to use a dual channel cablecard to record and watch two games at once, making League Pass a very expensive and very useless purchase. As this encoding is received by the cable card in the TiVo, this does not affect Comcast-brand DVRs that are hooked in via the normal cable set-top box.

    In order to get support to fix this (and they turned it around in a month, but once I applied the exec carpet bomb it only took them another week–it is fixed as of now), I sent an email to Stephen Burke and David Cohen explaining not only my disatisfaction and that it would cause me to switch to FiOS (which doesn’t do this sort of encoding according to TiVo message boards), the the NHL does not require that they do this, and that given that a large number of people are complaining about this online and given that this only affects a third party product that Comcast doesn’t make money on I thought there would be a strong possibility that I could get a lawyer to file a suit under Federal antitrust regulations that we would seek to apply class status to. I then mentioned that I would much rather stay with Comcast and that I wanted to give them an opportunity to fix this so I could be a happy Center Ice customer again. After all, the last thing anyone wants to see is long and drawn out legal action, while meanwhile you’re missing the whole NHL season, right?

    Within 8 hours of sending the email saying my initial request to Comcast still hadn’t been answered and cc’ing the two execs, I had not one but two regional executive support people contacting me to want to understand my problem. That was on Sunday, where they left a message for me on my phone to call them back on Monday. I called back one of them, explained the situation without threatening legal action, and told them exactly what they needed to change at the head end to fix this. She listened to my frustration, said she didn’t have the expertise to completely understand the issue but that she would check on why the CCI byte was set so TiVo couldn’t record and see if there might be a way to fix that.

    Yesterday (Wednesday), I received a voicemail asking me to call the rep back. Unfortunately, I was busy and couldn’t get back to her before the end of her day. Today, however, after playing telephone tag with her she called me to say that not only did they look into the issue and verified that indeed this was a problem on their end, but that they expected the changes so TiVos with cablecards could record Center games would be made within the next 48 hours and to let them know if they weren’t. Also, they agreed to make my four payments of $40 for Center Ice only three payments since I had missed a month of the hockey season thanks to their programming error. All-in-all, the targeted carpet bomb worked wonders. Thanks for all the pointers!

  10. RandomZero says:

    @JGKojak: That sounds pretty typical, really. My in-laws had a problem with their drop line (the line from the main feed to their house) – not surprising, really, as it’s something like four times the normal length. In short, I had to call them on four separate occasions, at about an hour a call, explaining that I’d already ruled out the common script crap and that it was an issue across all services. Five techs were scheduled. One didn’t show, one looked at the upstream node, one had a replacement modem, one was rolled without our knowledge and fixed the problem, and the last one was confused as to why he’d been called.

  11. James_Weeder says:

    I have taken another job inside Comcast. I needed to relocate for my wife’s health. If you need more assistance with a issue with any of your Comcast services or products please email as that email address you will find a highly trained and motivated staff that will solve you issue for you in a timely manner. As a matter of fact this is Frank Eliason’s group.

  12. skillsss says:

    I believe I informed Frank & company to this issue and they did nothing for me…been banned for a lifetime from comcast for my political viewpoint.

    Comcast Censoring Conservative Voices?

    The American Public and the FCC need to keep an eye on ISPs. Comcast has been censoring conservative message board posters in my opinion. Because dominant ISP Comcast is a gateway to the internet, they control many eyeballs. Comcast’s systematic censoring of conservative opinions on their News & Current Events message boards needs to cease and desist. If Comcast gets tax breaks from local government, then they have a civic, ethical, moral and perhaps legal obligation to provide fair and balanced moderation of their message boards. This type of social engineering is an outrage. Please get involved. Silence is consent. Post a conservative response to a News or Current Events thread here and see for yourself.

    This is America…Not CHINA

    I am using FIOS now….after having been a Comcast patron for over 15 years. I suggest others give this issue serious consideration.

  13. aggravated;{ says:

    Everything was pretty much fine with comcast for me until October when they took everyone off of programming “due to digital” technology. And the jump in prices compared to what I was paying for the same programming is robbery! But on top of that, over the past 2 weeks I’ve had to call the service center 12 times. In four days I’ve had 3 technicians in my house. And I still am without all of my equipment! And then they have the nerve to tell me I need to go get things and I should be patient and wait for things in the mail! What about sending the tech with the damn equipment when the work order is drawn up??!! Somehow it’s possible to talk to 12 different groups of people at Comcast and get 12 different types of answers…I swear they suck you into getting all these services with them…cable, internet, phone, etc. so it becomes a major P.I.A. for you to try and leave…then suck every penny out of the average family!