Would You Live With Ghosts For Cheaper Rent? 69% Would

Rent.com conducted a survey that found more than 2/3 of renters ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and would live with them as long as they got a hefty discount on rent.

From rent.com’s press release:

While the survey found 11 percent of renters believe they have lived in a home inhabited by ghosts, others would be willing to do so in order to save money. In fact, 69 percent of renters would be willing to crash with Casper for the right price. More than half (51 percent) of renters would share their home with a ghost in exchange for free rent, and over one quarter (27 percent) would do it for half-price.

Three in 10 people who have rented (30 percent) said they’d bunk with the boogeyman if they received free utilities, while nearly one in four (23 percent) would do it in exchange for a free flat-screen TV with cable.

Overall, 31 percent of renters said no deal. Nothing, “not even a million bucks,” would convince them to conquer their phasmophobia (fear of ghosts). However, a greater percentage of males than females are willing to live with ghosts for any given tradeoff (74 percent vs. 64 percent).

This data just goes to prove how much more daring women are than men. Judging from the Twilight phenomenon, a significant portion of women not only don’t fear vampires, they lust after them, so long as they’re metrosexual and sparkly.

So, Consumerists, let’s have it out — would you live with a ghost? Have you?

(Photo: MReder Design)

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