Televised Sports Battle: Who Is Astroturfing Whom?

Front groups for cable and satellite companies pretending to represent the interest of sports fans? Mysterious “sources” and leaks? This is nothing new to Consumerist readers, but our estranged siblings at Deadspin have some great information on a lobbying and PR war between thinly disguised groups working on behalf of DirectTV and the big cable companies, and their battle over fans and fees. Or is it?

Deadspin’s tipster admits to working in PR on behalf of cable companies, alleges that the mysterious new Sports Fans Coalition is nothing more than a front group for DirectTV. Is it? Who is astroturfing whom?

Fans, Media Recruited (And Manipulated) In Fight Over Televised Sports (Updated) [Deadspin] (Thanks, Bob!)

Comcast Caught Astroturfing About “Big Ten” Channel

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