Kindle coming to a PC near you next month. Amazon’s Kindle software will be available as a free download for PC users starting next month. Versions for Macs and BlackBerrys will be available next year. All will have DRM, though users will be spared the pain of having to download their locked-down lit via AT&T’s 3G network, which has replaced Sprint’s more reliable data network in recent hardware Kindles.


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  1. amberlink says:

    wait, let me get this straight, crappy black&white software, that only allows you to view content after the publisher says it’s okay, AND can be deleted if the publisher pulls the rights to it.

    Hey, where do I sign up?

    • Radi0logy says:

      @amberlink: Just stand in line behind all the hundreds of thousands of Kindle adopters.

      • amberlink says:


        I seem to remember a famous quote, “The majority is never right, they’re just the majority.” Just because someone jumps on a bad idea simply because of mob mentality doesn’t make it a good idea.

        I’m sure all the people with iPhones are really happy too. Personally, wouldn’t buy a kindle, don’t get the concept of it, I can read all my content including books AND listen to music AND surf the web and don’t have to worry about any kill switches using my windows smartphone AND I can change the battery for bigger one and don’t have to carry multiple devices for what I can do with one that fits in a side pouch on my belt.

  2. PsiCop says:

    Re: “Versions for Macs and BlackBerrys will be available next year.”

    Hmm. Seems to me I’ve heard words like that, many times before … and found them to be untrue. The most recent example I can think of is the ever-elusive Google Chrome for Mac … which has been promised, but so far as I know, is still firmly ensconced in Vaporwareland.

    I’ll believe a Mac version of Kindle software is on its way, when I’ve downloaded it and copied it to my Applications folder. Until then, it’s safest to assume it will never appear.

  3. ArcanaJ says:

    Forget real books! I want to squint at a screen 24/7! I want books that I pay for, yet don’t really belong to me, right here on my own PC! It’s like a car lease that can’t even get me out of this damned office chair!

    Pinch me! I must be dreaming!

    • Batmanuel says:


      Blah blah blah. If people listened to folks like you, iTunes would never have gotten off the ground and we wouldn’t have the great ecosystem of digital music delivery we have today. DRM is a necessary evil to placate content providers in order to get their buy in for digital distribution, and eventually the DRM goes away when one competitor in the marketplace starts offering DRM free content to get an edge on their rivals. Just like Amazon’s MP3 store forced Apple’s hand and led to the removal of the Fairplay DRM, if there is a price and feature war between the Kindle and the Nook, we’ll probably see some DRM-free ebooks at some point.

      • amberlink says:


        DRM is NOT necessary. It’s only evil because of the PR machine that says it’s necessary. DRM can be defeated quite easily, and should never be employed. Also, iTunes is for what? Only benefits the content providers NOT the artists, that’s been proven over and over again, they see very little of the “protected” profit. These are the same PR people now trying to push for non-Net-neutrality saying it’s “regulating the internet” sure, in favor of openness. The DRM folks always say they’re protecting someone, except when it’s been proven over and over again that copyright has been mis-interpreted for years.

        BTW, lots of DRM-free ebooks, they’re all available at Project Gutenberg:

  4. bohemian says:

    So they moved to AT&T that doesn’t even have coverage in South Dakota. Not that this state is going to be a huge market for the Kindle. But if any of the college students here have them this will be a huge problem. They just cut wireless access for anyone here who did buy a Kindle.

    • Batmanuel says:


      Are you sure AT&T doesn’t have roaming coverage in SD? I had no problems using my AT&T phone when I was out in Montana, which technically isn’t in AT&T’s regular service area. With the small data transfer sizes for Kindle downloads, even EDGE should give you a fairly fast download, so you’ll probably have decent Kindle service in just about every place there is any sort of civilization.

    • MFfan310 says:

      @bohemian: AT&T (and T-Mobile) roaming in the Dakotas currently rely on a special GSM roaming overlay with Alltel (Alltel itself is CDMA). However, the legacy Alltel areas must be divested as part of the Verizon-Alltel merger, and AT&T is buying them up and converting them to all-GSM. So you will get AT&T service soon.

      And IIRC, Sprint doesn’t have native service in South Dakota either, due to a law by the PUC that mandates only two wireless carriers for the whole state (currently Verizon and Alltel).

  5. edrebber says:

    Seems like you could buy one kindle and have multiple users from different computers.