Personal Finance Roundup

Why saving is for suckers [MSN Money] “Your bank, with help from Uncle Sam, is making obscene profits at your expense. Instead of funding the fat cats, here’s how to join them in the economic recovery.”
Create the perfect bond portfolio [CNN Money] “To get the safety you need from fixed income and earn decent returns, try this strategy.”
Carving a Pumpkin This Fall? Don’t Throw Any of It Away! [Wise Bread] “Here’s how to eat your jack-o-lantern.”
You and William Shatner: Is a Picture Worth $80? [Smart Money] “Here’s a look at some celebrities and their photographic price tags.”
Employers Begin Driving Your 401(k) [Wall Street Journal] “Businesses are taking more control of workers’ 401(k)s, retreating from the 30-year experiment with employees running their own accounts.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: jaredrubinsky)

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