Deadline To Ditch Your AT&T Smartphone Data Plan Extended To Oct 31

Do you want to get rid of the data plan for your AT&T smartphone, but missed the September 6th deadline? You now have a second chance. The deadline to drop your plan has been extended until October 31st.

Our tipster tells us that the new deadline comes with a few catches:

  • You must have added data service before September 6th. Obvious.
  • After making the change, you must have all data service shut off for your smartphone.
  • No more à la carte options, kids. If you want pay-per-use data on a smartphone, you need to build a time machine and travel back to September 6th.
  • iPhones aren’t eligible.

Why would you want to ditch the data plan on your smartphone? Granted, it makes the phone a lot less useful and less fun to use, but some people prefer to go interwebs-free for the cost savings. $30/month is a lot of money when someone is trying to cut back, and you can still play Bejeweled.

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