Check Your Netflix Envelopes This Week For Blu-ray Coupon

Hacking Netflix spotted some sweet savings on the inside of envelopes sent out by the movie rent-by-mail service: $50 off coupons that would bring the price of an Insignia Blu-ray player down to about $100 or $150. The coupon expires Saturday.

On a 32-inch HDTV the visual difference between a Blu-ray disc and a DVD played on an upscaling DVD player is negligible, but if you long to take the Blu-ray plunge, now is certainly a better time than three years ago, when there were barely any movies out on the format and you couldn’t find a player for cheaper than $500.

Netflix Coupon for New Netflix-Enabled Insignia Blu-ray Players Brings Price to $99 & $149 [Hacking Netflix]
(Thanks, Mike!)

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