TiVO: Save $100 By Saving $50!

Reader Tim is canceling TiVO and going with the Comcast DVR and was presented with a retention deal that he was able to resist. Why? Because $299.99 – $100 doesn’t equal $249.99.

Tim says:

So for many reasons I’m leaving behind my Tivo and switching to a comcast dvr (it’s cheaper, among other things – the entire story why I’m switching is for another email). When I went to Tivo’s website to cancel my subscription I encountered the classic “But wait – you’re such a good customer we’ll give you discounts if you stay!!” message. Curious, I decided to see what sort of savings they’re offering. Below is a screenshot of my findings. Tivo, like all good companies, apparently fails at math.

I can save $100 by upgrading my Tivo Series 2 dvr to a Tivo HD dvr. So instead of paying MSRP of $299.99, I only have to pay $249.99!!! Or if I go with a Tivo HD XL dvr, I don’t have to pay the $599.99 – I only have to pay $549.99!!! This is such a great deal, that I felt compelled to pass it along. The only way I can see their claim of saving $100 is if I buy one of each. But that’s a long stretch.

Yeah, we’d probably pass on this one.

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