Microsoft: We May Have Recovered Sidekick Users' Lost Data

Maybe those lawsuits over the Sidekick data outage were a little premature. Microsoft, parent company of Sidekick maker Danger Inc, reports that they have recovered most, if not all, of users’ lost data. Yay!

Microsoft blamed a system failure for the data loss in the core database and back-up system. The company said it had taken steps to strengthen the stability of the Sidekick service and started a more resilient back-up process.

Over the weekend, T-Mobile and Microsoft initially warned that the recovery of data would be unlikely, but upgraded their prospects on Tuesday.

Microsoft said that an additional update would come on Saturday and provide a timeline and additional details on the recovery.

So the restoration won’t be immediate, but the lost data may not be permanently lost. Maybe. That’s certainly an improvement over the previous status of “It’s never coming back, and here’s $100.”

UPDATE: Microsoft Says It Has Recovered Lost Sidekick Data [Wall Street Journal]

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