First Sidekick Data Outage Lawsuits Filed

After T-Mobile Sidekick users lost data access for the better part of a week, then lost the information stored on their phones, it should surprise no one that the lawsuits are already flying. Though it is surprising that none of them were filed by Perez Hilton.

T-Mobile and Danger have offered Sidekick users a free month of data service and a $100 credit to be used however the customer likes. (We suggest using it toward a different smartphone.) The lawsuits seek to make a point, though.

“T-Mobile and its service providers ought to have been more careful the use of backup technology and policies to prevent such data loss” said Ira P. Rothken, an attorney working on that case. “We are hopeful that T-Mobile and the rest of the defendants will do the right thing, use this as an opportunity to redesign the system as a new standard for cloud computing storage, and provide full compensation for the data loss.”

How much is the information on your smartphone worth? What is fair compensation? Is the best solution here a class action suit when the likely end result is a few dollars per user sometime in 2011?

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(Photo: T-Mobile and TheGiantVermin)

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