Brewer Sued By Monster Energy Drink Asks America For Help

Matt Nadeau, the owner of a tiny Vermont brewery being sued by the makers of the Monster energy drink for brewing a beer called “Vermonster,” has taken his case to the people. He says that trademark attorneys keep telling him the law is with him, but that he should just give up because it will be too expensive to litigate. “This is just about principle,” Nadeau told the AP. “Corporate America can’t be allowed to do this, in this day and age. It’s just not right.”

The dispute has arisen because Hansen, the maker of Monster Energy Drink wants to enter the alcoholic beverage market.

“I said `Too bad, I’m already here.’ I’ve been here. And I’m already brewing beer,” said Nadeau.

Here’s an interview with Mr. Nadeau:

Monster-maker to Vt. brewer: No ‘Vermonster’ beer [AP] (Thanks, Gene!)

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