Consumerist: Better Than Your Dad (At Fighting Bank Of America)

Sometimes, your dad’s advice doesn’t apply anymore. Companies have realized that giving a damn is too expensive. That’s when it’s time to kick ass, Consumerist style. Craig writes:

Craig writes: “I read consumerist on and off over the years, but never had to use any of the advice.  I recently got my first debt card from Bank of America . Shortly after I incurred my first overdraft fee. I assumed canceling over-draft protection would just cancel the transaction if I did not have enough money. I first followed my Dads advice and tried to get the fees at the bank, in person, but was unsuccessful.  After a quick search of, I got the number for Executive Customer Relations and got all the fees waived. So a very big thank you, from a teenager with their first debit card.”

That was probably good advice when banks weren’t staffed with the modern equivalent of the eunuchs who tended the harems of old, but we’re in modern times, baby, and the 3-ring binder says no.

p.s. I love Craig’s Freudian slip of calling it a “debt card.”

(Photo: emuphoto)

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