CRT TVs Masquerading As HDTVs Plague Another Walmart

It’s officially a trend now. Old-timey CRT TVs are not only mislabeled as HDTVs at a Connecticut Walmart, but also, according to reader Chris, at a Kentucky location.

He shot the accompanying photo and writes:

I read the story about the CRT trying to be passed off as a fancy LCD HDTV. I was at Walmart last night and snagged a pic of what would appear to be an identical tag as the one in CT. I’ve heard reports from family members in nearby cities that have the same item described in the same fashion.

This can only mean one thing: CRTs are more powerful than we ever imagined, and have most likely risen from the grave to instigate a zombie plague, biting innocent HDTVs and transforming them into CRTs. If you see one of these mislabeled horrors at your Walmart, shoot a picture of it and send it to the tipline. And then run, lest it bites you and turns you too into a mislabeled CRT.

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