Chinese Restaurant Invites You To Try The "Beef Brisket In Wikipedia Flavor"

Reader Alan has sent in the menu for a local Chinese & Japanese restaurant. One of the items caught his eye.

Alan says:

Here is a menu for a local restaurant where I live. The interesting stuff is on page 4.
Of particular note:

Item C14 is “Beef Brisket in Wikipedia Flavor

I guess when you have to come up with names for hundreds of items, you must get a little punchy toward the end.

The Herbal Menu on the right side of page 4 is ideal for those who want to take the edge off their appetite so as not to order too much. It includes words like: “internal bleeding,” diarrhea, sweat, phlegm,
urination, and nausea.

We wonder what the flavor of Wikipedia is. Maybe halfway to your house the delivery driver decides to throw in some extra carrots. Then, when he stops for gas, the gas station guy adds some onions…

[Full Menu]
[Green Tea II]

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