162,000 Hilton Points Vaporized

UPDATE: Reader Gets 162,000 Vaporized Hilton Points Reinstated

Poof! Rikki’s 162,000 Hilton points are gone. No notice, no warning, just “your account was canceled for inactivity.”

It didn’t matter that Rikki was a Hilton Member since 1999 and was a Diamond VP member for a while in the roaring 2000’s.

Rikki says, “Calls to the Hilton Honors customer service provided a scripted answer with no empathy or recourse….very frustrating and disappointing. What has become of Hilton? Does it not care for its customers or bad brand reputation as a result of such tactics? Can you help me bringing some closure to this process as I’m a bit peeved at the callous attitude of their customer service?”

Jeez. What’s the point of a loyalty program if you’re not even going to be loyal to your customers?

(Photo: nebarnix)

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