Grocery Aisle Coupon Fairies: Nuisance Or Nice?

You reach for an item at your local grocery store, and notice that on the shelf next to it is a coupon thoughtfully left behind by another shopper. But wait, is this a thoughtful way to keep clipped coupons from going to waste? Or just a way for shoppers to feel good about themselves, but create more litter for grocery store employees to clean up?

Courtney snapped this picture with her iPhone and wrote:

Saw this at my Kroger. Some thoughtful shopper decided not to use a coupon he/she’d clipped, but left it for the next lucky shopper looking to buy. What a great thing to do instead of just throwing them out 🙂

That is pretty nice, especially if a shopper in need of that coupon does wander by. But what if someone doesn’t?

What do you think of this practice? Consumers helping each other out, or just more store clutter?

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