Best Buy Opens 360s, Updates Firmware, Slaps $30 More Onto Price Tag

Bryan sent us this photo he shot at a local Best Buy that shows a helpful employee named Kim has opened an Xbox 360, hooked it up to the internet and pressed the “X” button, downloading the latest system update. For all this hard, un-requested work, she also added $29.99 to the sticker price.

Bryan writes:

Just wanted to share what my local Best Buy here in [redacted] was doing to rip the unaware off. They are taking brand new Xbox 360 Elites and opening them and updating the system software, and as you can see in the photo, charging people 29.99 for a service that is available for free!!! Now do they discount these units after they have opened them, nope full price for all. Now I don’t know if Microsoft is aware that Best Buy is tampering with the seal and replacing with a Best Buy branded “Inspected By”. Sorry for the crappy pics but it’s a cheap cell phone don’t usually take pics, but readers beware of their new scheme. Thanks Best Buy — way to stick it to the uninformed.

I really should have slapped this with the “above and beyond” tag. Just look at that penmanship! And the exquisite rectangle! It adds the appropriate amount of class to the endeavor.

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