Blue Shield: Bleeding From Your Breasts Is Not An Emergency

One day, a California woman woke up to discover her t-shirt soaked in blood. The source? Her breast. She immediately went to the emergency room, and the cause of the bleeding was eventually found to be a benign tumor. However, her health insurance denied the claim, stating that she “reasonably should have known that an emergency did not exist.” Yes, copious amounts of blood flowing from your nipples is really something you want to wait out.

“If you reasonably believe it’s an emergency, it’s an emergency. They don’t have the right to second-guess you,” said attorney Arnold Levinson, who works on insurance denial cases. His take? “They’re clearly looking for a way to deny a claim here, when it’s clearly unreasonable to do that, that’s the definition of bad faith.”

Not surprisingly, the woman’s insurer, Blue Shield of California HMO, plans to review the case after being contacted by a local television station.

CA Insurer: Woman’s Bleeding Breast Not Emergency [CBS 5 News] (Thanks, Tamar!)

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