Organizations Start To Bail On Smart Choices Campaign

Smart Choices, the pseudo-science marketing campaign, seems to be circling the drain.

Tufts University, the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association are disassociating themselves from the campaign, likely spurred by industry backlash. posts about the developments:

The nation’s largest food manufacturers, including Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods, ConAgra and PepsiCo, want you to believe that Froot Loops and other unhealthy foods are “Smart Choices.” And they have somehow convinced representatives from the Baylor College of Medicine to back them up.

The new “Smart Choices” program—an industry-backed marketing ploy—puts a green check mark on products that are determined to be “smarter food and beverage choices.” But the choices selected are anything but healthy.

Yeah. That’s what happens when you try to pass sugar-packed Froot Loops off as part of a healthy breakfast.

Don’t Let Kellogg’s Buy Scientists: Froot Loops Aren’t a Healthy Breakfast []
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