Do We Really Need To Market Beds Specifically To Guys?

The Wall Street Journal has some ridiculous looking photos of beds designed for the male shopper. Apparently guys want built-in coolers, safes, TVs, and iPod docks in their beds. Sorry, we mean “man caves.”

While women have historically made household bed-buying decisions, the bed industry sees men as a neglected market and hopes that innovative products will rouse them from their spending torpor. In recent years, manufacturers have engaged in something of an arms race to equip mattresses with new comfort features such as memory foam and fancy toppers. Now, the industry is looking to the success of the bigger-is-better entertainment-system craze, which prompted men to equip living rooms with giant-screen TVs, surround sound and music-studio stereos-as well as “man cave” furnishings such as high-tech recliners. The hope: The new man cave is the bed.

Is it too old fashioned to look at these beds and think, “That’s why they make nightstands, and dressers, and iPod docks, and TVs you can hang on the wall”?? Because that’s what we did.

“Pimp My Bed: The Male Sleep Lair “ [Wall Street Journal]

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