Can BillShrink Tame Cell Phone Bills?

This Seattle KOMO News article about the free cell phone rate comparison site BillShrink — the site also compares gas prices and credit card offers — has an infomercial-like tone that almost made me dismiss it, but the evidence within convinced me BillShrink is worth a look.

The story goes:

Tell BillShrink how many phones you have, how many minutes you get and the number of text messages you send each month. And you’ll get a list of options: the best deals with your current carrier, and any cheaper plans with other companies. The savings you see are after paying any termination fees.

“In some cases, competitors put out plans that are so incredibly good that it is, in fact, worth paying the termination fee with your current carrier and get on to the new plan,” said (Schwark) Satyavolu, (the site’s co-founder) .

Have any of you used BillShrink to ferret out a better cell phone rate? What else have you done to get a better phone plan?

How to save a bundle on your cell phone bill [KOMO News]
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(Thanks, Chuck!)

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