HD Sunglasses Use The Power Of Stupidity To Increase Real World Resolution

Did you know your eyes have probably been viewing things in only 480 vertical lines of resolution? Thankfully someone out there isn’t as stupid as the rest of us, and realized that if our television sets can be upgraded to HD, so can our eyeballs. At least they can with the help of these special sunglasses.

HD Vision Ultras use special “high definition lenses” and are “like no other glasses you’ve ever worn,” says the website. We believe that, largely because there’s no other way to explain what these people are doing other than seeing their world in high definition for the first time ever:

We like this new application of HD, even though we worry that if you stacked four or five together and looked through them you might accidentally open a hell dimension. In fact, all hell dimensions aside, we think the inventors should expand their product line. How about window panes, for example? Can you imagine how HD your front lawn would look? Or what about drinking glasses? You may think you enjoy your iced tea right now, but holy shit, imagine how awesome it would be to see that liquid in stunning 1080p for a change! Or, and you might want to sit down for this, what if the HD Vision Ultra people used their eyeglass material to make TV screens?!? Then you could watch HD shows… in HD!

At that point your brain would likely start bleeding from the overstimulation of clarity, however, so maybe we should be thankful that this awesome invention only extends to sunglasses for now. Also, we don’t really want any hell dimensions opening up.

HD Vision Ultras!!!!!! (Thanks to Ryan!)

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